Born in 1990, Anya Mielniczek is a Toronto based Polish-Canadian artist who grew up between the city in Canada and the country sides of Poland. As a mixed-media artist, her work explores combinations of both fine art and street dirt mediums.

Mielniczek takes easily discarded materials such as plastic bags and candy wrappers adding value to what otherwise is considered trash, while drawing attention to our consumeristic tendencies and the implications this has on our environment. Inspired by waste, moody images and the treatment of our natural resources her pieces are emotionally charged, experimental and responsive to the time and place she’s creating in. The artist’s work is both figurative and representational, compiled of layers, textures, and the energy felt in unaltered lines. Decidedly playing between a real and fantastical aesthetic forming a greater narrative pertinent to environmental change –informing herself as well as viewers, of the obstacles our finite world faces in light of our hyper consumption.

Having graduated from Queen’s University in 2012 with a BFAH, Mielniczek completed a year long fellowship with The Living Arts Centre in Mississauga in 2014 and most recently was an artist in residence for a 9 week duration at INSTINC Studios in Singapore, 2016.

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