This body of work came from experimenting with a creative production model that had no plan and flowed from one piece to the next. Each work corresponded to the last and was produced in spontaneous and quick strokes. I was interested in keeping the mark making raw and unaltered, allowing for unguided mistakes to form in the present moment, for an interaction of mediums possible on their own accord. Each piece is personal, created in a moment in time and coded in my thoughts, intentions and feelings. Each one stares out with closed lips, silent but intense, an emotional facet, repurposing the gaze with a head tilt or shadow. This series is made from reference photos chosen from the internet, the original image of the woman has been completely reconfigured that only slight traces of her features may be ultimately recognizable. I’m interested in pushing my portraits even further, so they are less distinct and tight. I want to deconstruct the features and obstruct others and play around with fragmented elements. I’m intrigued by what you can’t necessarily access and what is removed, and the detachment and anxiety that can create. Even so, how a face can still lure you in through the eyes, engage and stir up various associations and responses. I’m always going back to my portraits and reworking this idea, in more ways than one I want to evoke divergent sensations from a potential viewer and question something deeper.

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