← Refractions final instalfinal instal ORIGOMI (Folding-trash). Collaborative piece with Singapore artist Nur Liyana Ali. Plastic bags and glue....


Portraits, 2015-16.

Mixed-media: ink, graphite, tape, plastic bags, glue and acrylic on paper.

Yeah Ya, Pluto & With Wings: 35.4 x43.3″ (framed) The rest of the work is 20.8″x 28.9″ (framed)


Refractions → ← Methane Summers soldsoldsoldsold Sophrosyne (2016) put’s value on one of today’s most modern materials. In the 21st century we have tonnes of it around, millions –billions, even trillions of tonnes of it. Easily accessible, cheap and...

Methane Summers

Sophrosyne → ← Nine Billion The Waters Run Dry ∆ SoldTerra ∆ SoldCreature of Habit ∆ SoldOver and OverSlim Chance Graphite portraits including office sticky notes, tea tags and litter on paper. 8.5″ x...

Nine Billion

Methane Summers → ← Facets Nine Billion bridges the gap between the two sides of my artistic practice, combining both mixed media illustration and material collage. The slime which drips from the subjects mouth and hand is composed of garbage I have...
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