Nine Billion bridges the gap between the two sides of my artistic practice, combining both mixed media illustration and material collage. The slime which drips from the subjects mouth and hand is composed of garbage I have personally collected, either from my own consumption or from litter I’ve found outside. The gold texture is actually Ferrero Rocher chocolate foil covered in resin (to protect the foil and to give the slime its liquid texture). Nine Billion represents our consumer and expandable tendencies and through its title points to the number our world population is expected to reach by 2050. The title, human focal point, and combination of waste within the piece stand as a representation of our relationship with our consumer goods. Furthermore, it raises questions concerning human activity and what connectedness we have and will continue to have in the future to nature. 

Nine Billion. Mixed media. 4′ x 6′. 2015.

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