Sophrosyne (2016) put’s value on one of today’s most modern materials. In the 21st century we have tonnes of it around, millions –billions, even trillions of tonnes of it. Easily accessible, cheap and durable –the plastic bag. This series re-energizes the material we so easily toss aside with work that is both playful and light, the collages are inviting but in reality carry a consequential tone (it’s no secret plastic bags are a huge environmental threat). This project engages our attitude towards the materials we consume and the connection we are both parts currently creating and destroying with our natural world.

Sophrosyne is an ancient Greek ideal which suggests that harmonious living can be obtained through mastering balance and moderation in life through controlling ones desires and excessive behaviors.

The title for this project is both the aim behind the entire body of work and the projected irony. The collages themselves have been created through a meditative and mindful state, taking a modest approach and respect of their material nature. On one hand compositions are balanced and self-aware in their strokes and arrangements. On the other, there is a power in scale that can be seen in the sheer quantity of individual works, harmonious yet extreme where the main material being employed is simply trash. Profiling how excessive our society’s consumeristic tendencies can be one plastic bag, and piece of litter at a time.

This series is intended to question our actions, our consumption and the responsibility we have for the materials we go through at hyper speed. Sophrosyne invites the viewer to look again at what’s being discarding, to reflect on our personal relationships with nature and what balance and harmony can be achieved when trash becomes treasure and plastic becomes collected.

Material use includes plastic bags, acrylic paint and garbage bits on transparency sheet, 8.5″x11″, on-going series.

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